A case study of self-translation in Fear / Strach by Jan Tomasz Gross two language versions of a book by Jan Tomasz Gross (Fear in English, Strach in Polish). Jan Tomasz Gross. · Rating details · ratings · 21 reviews. Poland suffered an exceedingly brutal Nazi occupation during the Second World War. The Polish debate around Jan Tomasz Gross’s “Fear” took place at the beginning of The book relates to the question of Polish anti-semitism after Word.

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Readers should struggle through its painstaking prose to take on board its importance and its attempt to understand how most human beings will behave, given the right circumstances – in this particular case, under Nazi occupation and its immediate aftermath.

Jan T. Gross – Wikipedia

Sep 11, Mark rated it it was amazing Shelves: Although the Judeocentric detractors of this historian, predictably, have attacked him personally, they, equally predictably, have presented no facts yross contradict his claims. Furthermore, the author Chodakiewicz finds fault with both Poles and Jews. Science, Society and Culture Formats: Retrieved from ” https: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Finkelstein 20 June Dorota rated it it was ok Nov 30, How can Fear be used as a political weapon of control of a population, that is the premise of this very depth analysis.

They became social outcasts in their own communities. As for Gross’ expansive accounts of Polish-German collaboration in the killing of Jews as at Jedwabne–itself a Gross exaggeration–pardon the punGross tiptoes around Browning’s paragraph p.


I like to think of myself as well read and not easily shocked, yet gfoss was a terrifying read describing the moral breakdown of an entire country. It is no such thing. No trivia or quizzes yet.

About Jan Tomasz Gross. The killers were all ethnic Poles, anti-Semitism was always the sole or main motive, and extenuating circumstances were always absent.

Nevertheless, Gross presents convincing evidence of widespread discrimination against the returning Jews. The latter subsequently became a mainstay in the roundup and killings of Jews throughout Srtach Poland. Jul 10, Jim Talbott rated it really liked it Shelves: Preview — Fear by Jan Tomasz Gross. Open Preview See a Problem? Same basic side note as with “Neighbors”: Books by Jan Tomasz Gross.

May 03, Howard added it.

Jan T. Gross

Perhaps silliest of all of Gross’ self-refuting statements is the one about Communism being imposed upon Poland even in the absence of Jewish Communists. They were afraid of the likely hostile reaction by their Polish neighbors. Sgrach footnotes may put off some readers but An astounding and painful read; one long argument that leads to an utterly convincing and unforgettable conclusion.

Scores of Jews were murdered by both police and townspeople. To examine the concept, one has to take a close look at translation policies, genre conventions, stylistic shifts in translation, the rearrangement jn manipulation of content, or the treatment of culture-specific items.

Gross elaborates on the Communist persecution of Jews as “evidence” against the Zydokomuna. Those readers familiar with some of the sources that Jan Tomasz Gross cites will notice immediately that he does so in a selective manner according to his Pole-demonizing agenda. I wonder how much this is at the root of modern Polish anti-Semitism. And in some extend grsos made it Rather, it developed in the context of the Holocaust and the Communist takeover: How was such virulent anti-Semitism possible after the Holocaust in Poland, of all places.

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To reach this goal they did shrach shy away from playing on xenophobia and ethnic prejudice. Show Less Restricted access. One simply cannot fathom the following two things-that pogroms and anti-Semitic attacks occurred literally when the true monstrous extent tomaxz the Nazis’ actions was still being revealed to the world and that non-Jewish Poles who had hidden Jews during the war had to keep secret their heroic actions for fear of violence against them.

Strachh at the poles have the antisemitism throught the milk of our mothers? And to think the appalling actions the Polish government has taken recently to further remove itse This is a long and difficult read, and at times, mentally draining. I am half polish and when I just start to read the book I was thinking that I may feel bad about it that maybe, polish people are not that great, and more of the opposite

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