Tratado Contra El Metodo by Paul K Feyerabend, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Tratado contra el método: esquema de una teoría anarquista del voice in the philosophy of science, Paul K. Feyerabend was born and educated in Vienna. Paul Karl Feyerabend was an Austrian-born philosopher of science best known for his work as a professor of philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley, .

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Large parts of this book serve as counter-arguments to Popper and Lakatos, I rarely understood anything there, since I’ve read very little philosophy feyerabene science.

While disavowing populism or relativism, Feyerabend continues to insist that the voice of the inexpert must be heard. The predictions then must be confirmed by experiment and explained feyerabemd by theory i. Knowledge and theory are generated through processes of agency.

Objects would fall diagonally instead of vertically. For instance, he takes a provocative position that actually swayed me to rethink my view on feyrrabend or not Creationism should be taught in public schools.

I would wake up, open my eyes, listen — Is it here or isn’t? Together these remarks sanction the introduction of theories that are inconsistent with well-established facts. To avoid being ad hoc it would have to create his own supporting theories in related fields the moment it comes up and it’s obvious that not all scientific fields have the same maturity at all times.

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Argument occurs and only the results are passed on. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

He shows how it can be productive to feyreabend from theories instead of facts and to sometimes pick theories that seem improbable and that contradict dl and known facts. Apropos that, Feyerabend points out that Kepler’s optics were too complex for anybody at the time and that Galileo probably had no idea why the telescope worked but just got lucky in making it work.


About Paul Karl Feyerabend. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Paul Feyerabend

Analytic philosophy [1] Epistemological anarchism. Minnesota studies in the philosophy of science. To solve the issue, criticism is set forth that removes the prior theory and creates a new one with new problems. The problem is not science, but the way it is practiced vontra the scientists. To help sign-post what’s significant and what isn’t along the way, the author has also relied heavily on italics, but this doesn’t really work either — if it isn’t obvious what’s relevant and what isn’t by the content itself, then what’s been produced just needs rewriting.

Imre Lakatos, Paul K. There is this certain ideological vibe going on in the world today where scientists are revered as priests.

Read more Read less. Perhaps the point he was trying to make was there is no Archimedean point for us to survey which tradition is better than which. What this means is that the principles of critical rationalism and logical positivism—both with their claims of precision, avoidance of ad hoc hypotheses, mutual consistencies, and clearance of falsifications—do not give an adequate account for how science has actually developed in the past.

Again, this means that scientific progress comes by way of adopting pluralistic strategies; to embrace the myriad routes, both secular and non-secular, in discovering truth and to avoid those cemented, fashionable dogmas of antiquity.

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Against Method is a sustained attack on all of these premises, and Feyerabend’s own “anarchistic” anything-goes, no-method methodology of scientific discovery. One of the worst ideas ever put forth.


Feyerabend posits that historically speaking scientific advances are often made by going AGAINST prevailing reason and being counterinductive and constructing ad hoc hypotheses to fit phenomena that is later on explained in a better way. Pro E Contro Il Metodo. Defendo dois pontos de vista: I had to look up quite a few English words incommensurable, counter-inductive, etc.

It grants him the freedom to study whatever he likes in whatever way he pleases. Write a customer review. Its verdict against Galileo was rational and just, and revisionism can be legitimized solely for motives of political opportunism.

He supports this by showing that early paintings were basically like a catalogue or a map that showed things as they appeared even though the technique of drawing something behind another thing was known. After all, why should a newer point-of-view be stymied by older problems which, at any rate, only make sense in the abandoned context and which look silly and unnatural now? Feyerbend takes a cue from Kuhn about how science progresses.

Humans are generally quite defensive about their core beliefs and unwilling to accept direct criticism on them.

Feyerabend was also critical of falsificationism. Not only would this have built a much more comprehensive hence:

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