Internal table to hold the data from the FM CONVERT_OTF This function module call is used to retrieve the name of the Function no_function_module = 2. rekha || 28 Oct am || 2. Smart form OTF to PDF These 2 are needed for function ‘CONVERT_OTF_2_PDF’ . CALL FUNCTION ‘CONVERT_OTF’. **CONVERT SMARTFORM TO BINARY XSTRING PDF CALL FUNCTION v_device_type EXCEPTIONS no_language = 1 language_not_installed = 2 *** CONVERT OTF TO PDF CLEAR: bin_pdf,bin_tline,bin_filesize,bin_pdfx. CALL.

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You cannot display long texts.

Computerservice Wolf – Schulung – SAP WAS PDF Ausgabe

Provide a display of a table for user to select one, with the value of the table line returned when selected. Code Quality Converto_tf, Simplified!!

Move the negative sign from the left hand side of a number, to the right hand side of the number. Note that The result will be left fujction like all character fieldsnot right justifed as numbers normally are.

Press F8 to execute and run the ABAP report prepared to run a Smart Forms report and convert the smartforms output to PDF format and on the next step download the pdf smartform document on client computer into the selected folder. F4 help that returns the values selected in an internal table. The documentation is _2__ than normal for this function, so please read it. Set the parameters as follows: In the following steps Smartforms pdf file is downloaded to the SAP users’ client computer.


It automatically triggers the page __. In the Form Builder we describe a Smart Form by a set of nodes. If Adobe form contain 7 Line Item, each page should contain only 5 line item. On the user Interface, specify the name, object and Id of the bitmap image to be placed on the Smart form. With this function module you write a single message, with parameters, in local memory. Add or subtract months from a date.

To do this, you build up a tree structure on the left side of the user interface. Works well when validating dates being passed in from other systems.

Allows you to run a program without having the source code in the target system. Call the generated function module. The Text symbols tab is the default active tab. With this function module you write all data for the specified object or sub-object in local memory to the database. Check whether the user is authorized to execute the specified command on the target host system with the specified arguments.

If you do not specify an object or sub-object with the call, the most recently used is assumed. Returns a list of all tables, select options, texts, etc for a program. Similar results to using SM If this function module vunction called repeatedly for the same object or sub-object, the existing parameters are updated accordingly.

Thanks alot its very usefull…….

If the authorization check is successful, then execute the command on the target host system. Thanks Amita very helpful and handy article this type of requirement comes very frequently from Business.


Web Dynpro for ABAP Tips and Tricks / Best Practices | Дмитрий Глухов –

You pass it data, and convet_otf headers, and it provides a table control with the ability to manipulate the data, and send it to Word or Excel. Very handy when programming your convert__otf own F4 help for a field. Yes, i put there Print and Archive 3but the nast-tdarmod still come emty, i hd changed it in debug to If you position a sub window with the same name on several pages, the system displays the contents of this sub window on each page.

Have you done basic required customizing of ArchiveLink?

About SAP function CONVERT_OTF

You can only display one alternative or variant. Production Order pending status Report inventory posting. Get the stock position for the previous month. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In a main window you display text and data, which can cover several pages flow text.

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